BAP Priority Habitats

BAP Priority Habitat Inventories

From 2001-2004 DERC took part in a pilot project to investigate protocols for developing habitat inventories for Priority Habitat Types. The habitat data is available via DERC or can be viewed with the associated metadata on Nature on the map on the English Nature website.

Lytchett Bay Reedbed

Lytchett Bay Reedbed

Photo: Bryan Edwards

BAP Priority Habitat Inventories have been developed for:

  • Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland;
  • Lowland Beech and Yew Woodland;
  • Wet Woodland;
  • Lowland Wood Pasture and Parkland;
  • Lowland Dry Acid Grassland;
  • Lowland Calcareous Grassland;
  • Purple Moor-grass and Rush Pasture;
  • Lowland Meadows;
  • Lowland Heathland;
  • Coastal Saltmarsh;
  • Coastal Vegetated Shingle;
  • Sabellaria spinulosa reefs;
  • Sabellaria alveolata reefs;

Who to contact

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Bryan Edwards



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