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At DERC we will continue to respond to data requests and enquiries although it may take a little longer than usual.

Dorset Wildlife Recorders Register

Starling Murmuration over Studland

Starling Murmuration over Studland

Photo: © Jon Corkill

DERC maintain a Dorset Wildlife Recorders Register. DERC staff use the list to contact recorders about their records or about wildlife events. If you would like your details added to the register, please download the Wildlife Recorders form and send it DERC.

Upcoming Changes to Data Requests

Charges for data requests will be increase from April 2020. The costs will vary depending upon the information requested and how much data is available. Most requests from consultants will cost £105 – £270 + VAT.

We have also updated our commercial requests form to reflect changes in the Dorset Biodiversity Appraisal Protocol (General Guidance for Consultants (2020).

Chalk Milkwort (Polygala calcarea)

Chalk Milkwort (Polygala calcarea)

Photo: © Bryan Edwards

About DERC

Latest News

Dorset Environmental Records Centre was established in 1976 as an independent organisation to collate information on all of Dorset’s wildlife. It provides an opportunity for local naturalists and conservation organisations to work together.

By combining our knowledge we can create a better picture of Dorset’s wildlife - both the recent decline and loss of some of our more spectacular species (like the large tortoiseshell and the mouse-eared bat) and the arrival (or invasion?) and spread of others (like the Long-winged Conehead and Japanese knotweed).

Data held by DERC is accessible to everyone* from students and local residents to local authorities, conservation organisations and consultants. DERC do not charge for data, but we do make a minimal charge to help cover our administration costs. Please contact DERC for more information.

*Some information is confidential, either due to the sensitivity of the site, rarity of wildlife or because the recorder requested it.

Sending In Your Records

During 2011 DERC introduced Living Record as an online recording system for Dorset. If you would like to know more, click on Living Record on the top menu.

If you are not yet ready for online recording, DERC will continue to welcome records provided on recording forms or in Excel spreadsheets, as detailed on our Sending In Your Records page.

Recording During Lockdown

In most years springtime gives us a chance to get out in the field and start recording wildlife. In 2020 this is not possible for most of us who are limited to recording in our gardens or during a short daily walk. Your garden records can be really useful so please do submit them in the usual way (using Living Record or through a recording group). For those looking for something different, ALERC has put together a list of recording schemes you may like to get involved with. You can find our more here: http://www.alerc.org.uk/schemes.html

 Autumn / Winter 2019 Newsletter

Oxeye diasies on the Weymouth Relief Road, Summer 2019

Oxeye daisies on the Weymouth Relief Road,
Summer 2019

Photo: © Stephen Brown

The Autumn / Winter 2019 newsletter is available to download and includes a roundup of many of the activities that DERC, along with other local and national organisations, have been involved with over the past decade. In addition, the newsletter provides an update by Phil Sterling on the changes that have occured to the Weymouth Relief Road verges for the last ten years, charting the many species that are now thriving in this abundant habitat.

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